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Cardiac Catheterization

Coronary heart diseases that were presumed to be rare in Nigeria a few years ago is now listed as a disease of increasing public health concern. Coupled with prevalent valvular heart diseases often secondary to rheumatic heart disease, acquired heart diseases are now a real challenge in Nigeria. The gold standard of diagnosing blocked coronary arteries and accessing the competencies and heart valves and other heart diseases is cardiac catheterization. The Univeristy College Hospital, Ibadan has a state of the art cardiac catheterization laboratory simply referred to as 'Cath Lab' equipped with a brand new toshiba cardiac catheterization machine which has been in use since July 2012. The prodecures that are carried out in the cath lab include; diagnostic cardiac catheterization, right and left heart catheterization, ballon angioplasty as well as balloon angioplasty and stenting of coronary arteries. As at the first of July 2014, 22 (twenty two) cardica catheterizations have been carried out with balloon abgioplasties in about a third and stenting in about a third og the clients as well.


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