Public Health Nursing

A Brief History of Public Health Nursing Department U.C.H.Ibadan.

One of the decided cardinal programmes of the Board of Management of the University College Hospital, Ibadan was the promotion of Public Health Nursing as a co-ordinate department at par with Clinical Nursing Services and Nursing Education.

In line with this decision, the Nursing Advisory Committee of the University College Hospital, Ibadan in November 1993, received proposals from the then Assistant Director(Nursing) and coordinator of Nursing Affairs, in person of Mrs.C.A Ejumotan,which articulated the current status with regard to the provision of Public Health Nursing Services in the hospital. After detailed discussion, the committee agreed to recommend to the Board of Management the creation of a third arm that is, Public Health Nursing as an entity within the entire Nursing Services Department in the hospital.

The Committee believed that this unit will provide a more effective linkage with the Primary Health Care Development Agency and other International Agencies. The Nursing Advisory Committee further recommended that Management be empowered to work-out the modus operandi for the take- off of the unit within the shortest possible time. To this effect, members were invited to consider the proposals from the Nursing Advisory Committee.
The proposals were readily given the necessary consideration and approval because of the foresight, ingenuity and interest in the Nursing Profession of the Management team under the dynamic leadership of Prof. O.O.Ajayi the Chief Medical Director of University College Hospital, Ibadan at the time.

As for the ‘Modus Operandi’ for the successful take –off of the Department, all the Practising Health Nurses (Public Health Nurses and Health Educators) attached to Clinical areas in the hospital and the U.C.H satellite stations at Okuku and Sepeteri were pooled together to form the nucleus/ foundation staff of the department bearing in mind that the pooling together of the various components of this unit will provide efficiency and ultimate effectiveness.

The department eventually took-off in January 1995 and has since been waxing stronger and stronger, recording successes and rendering preventive, promotive, protective, rehabilitative and comprehensive health care to clients and their families in U.C.H Community, rural and urban areas, thereby realizing the vision and mission of the University College Hospital, Ibadan.

Departmental Vision

To deliver optimal care through Health-Promotion, Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation while ensuring full participation by community members through effective education counselling and communication as well as treatment of clients.

Departmental Mission
To extend health promotion activities to all nooks and crannies of the community within and outside Oyo State and undertake necessary actions that will strengthen the National Health system.

Departmental Goals

  • To support the University College Hospital in the training of personnel for national health industry.
  • To conduct research in order to find solutions to identified health problems
  • To render qualitative health care services to our immediate and extended communities
    through the philosophy of National primary health care approach.
  • To implement all federal government policies on preventive health.

    • i. Hospital - Based Programme.
    • ii. Community Based Programme.
    • iii. Students Community Based Clinical Practice..

      These are the out-patient clinics within the hospital premises. These units are Family Medicine Department (formerly G.O .P.D),Centralized immunization Clinic, Staff Medical Services Department, Surgical Out-patient (S.O.P),Medical Out-patient(M.O.P),Paediatric unit which includes Children’s Out-patient and Otunba Tunwase Children’s Emergency Ward(OTCHEW),Special Treatment Clinic,(S.T.C), Presidential Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief(PEPFAR),Eye/Ear/Nose& Throat Clinic(Eye/ E.N.T Clinics),Dental Centre, Community Medicine(Nursing Unit),Obs & Gynae(ANC & Gynae Clinic),Nuclear Medicine Department, Prof. Oluwole.A. Adebo Continuing professional Development Centre (CPDC), Palliative Hospice Day Care Centre,MDR-TB Centre,Metabolic Research Unit(MRU),Neurological Surgery Unit, Psychiatric Unit, Cytology unit,Blood Safety Unit,Radiotherapy ward and the private suites of the hospital.


      These are located outside the hospital, in the Urban and Rural communities and
      management of clients is in accordance with the Primary Health Care concept.
      These units are -:

    • U.C.H Primary Health Care Centre, Abedo in the Akinyele Local Government area of Oyo State..
    • U.C.H Comprehensive Health Centre, Okuku in the Odo Otin Local Government Area of Osun State.
    • U.C.H Comprehensive Health Centre, Sepeteri in Saki East Local Government Area of Oyo State.
    • Primary Health Care Center, Idikan Ibadan south west Local Government Area of Oyo-State
    • Primary Oral Health Care Centre, Idikan in Ibadan South West area of Oyo State
    • Primary Health Care Centre, Lagun in Lagelu Local Government Area of Oyo State
    • Primary Health Care Centre, Ilora in the Afijio Local Government Area of Oyo State
    • Primary Health Care Centre, Elesu in Lagelu Local Government Area of Oyo State
    • Primary Health Care Centre Jago
    • Lalupon Primary Health Care Centre
    • Ifesowapo Primary Health Centre in Lagelu Local Government.
    • Aladura Community Rural Health Clinic in Ogun State.
    • Primary Health Care Centre Ogunbode in the Lagelu Local Government area of Oyo State.
    • U.C.H/NHIS Federal Secretariat Clinic Ikolaba Ibadan
    • Agbeke Mercy Medical Centre located within the premises of Oluyole Cheshire Home Ibadan.
    • Kola Daisi Foundation Community Primary Health Care Centre
    • Eye outreach centres (5 in Number) excluding the vision centres.
    • Remi Babalola Red cross Medical Centre
    • U.C.H Community Based Programmes Where Public Health Nurses Are Involved

    • Agodi Prison Programme for Inmates.
    • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Programme-: The Public health nurse here is involved in teaching, coordinating and mobilizing the communities on awareness programmes of Basic Life Support.
    • U.C.H Hospice Day Care Palliative Programme-: Programmes for chronically/ terminally ill/End of life Care Clients.
    • Blood Bank-: The public health nurse here is involved in blood safety, and follows up of donors that are HIV & Hepatitis B positive.
    • ARV Clinic-: Well established home- based care for people Living with HIV/AIDS, are being coordinated by Public Health Nurses.
    • Paediatrics Community Psychiatry Programme.
    • Adolescent Psychiatry Unit.
    • Neurological Surgery Community Programme.
    • MDR-TB Centre.
    • Akinkugbe Kidney Centre
    • Community Eye Care Services

      Patients in the rural community have benefited in the community Eye Care Services being coordinated by Public Health Nurses.


      Our various community outreach clinics(Primary Health Care Centres) had always been training outfit for different categories of students on community posting to the Department such as student nurses, students from Federal Training Centre for Teachers of Health Sciences(FTCTHS), students from the Department of Nursing, University of Ibadan and University of Sierra –Leone Freetown among others, The programmes include-School health Programme, Follow up/home visit/home based care, visit to the abattoir and providing comprehensive primary health care services to the community in accordance with primary health care concept.

      Services Offered By Public Health Nursing Department

    • Community Survey and Mobilization
    • -Identifies health needs of the community within U.CH.

    • Health Education
    • - Assists in the promotion and maintenance of health of all age groups within U.C H. and its outreach stations.

      -Participates in the organization of health education programme such as seminars, workshops for different departments within U.CH, its outreach station and the general public.

      -Attends various in-service training programme and under-studies various activities related to health education when necessary.

    • Immunization
    • -Organizes and executes immunization against the eight killer diseases of childhood and other adult immunizations.

    • Nutrition
    • -Organizes and execute the nutritional education in the form of food demonstration, supervision of feeds, budgeting, community mobilization on self reliance and sufficiency in nutrition. Inspection of all eateries within UCH community.

    • Prevention and Control of Communicable and Non Communicable Diseases
    • -Assists in the early diagnosis and control of communicable and non Communicable disease.
      -Carries out prompt treatment, contact tracing, notification of outbreak of diseases and surveillance.
      -Educate and counsels the identified chronically ill patients

    • Maternal and Child Health Services
    • -Promotes and maintains the health of the entire family.
      -Conducts infant welfare clinic and supervises Oral Rehydration Therapy in cases of diarrhoea.
      -Participate in Toddlers, Ante-natal and Family Clinics
      -Assists in the inspection of religious maternity homes/day care/nursery centres in U.C.H and its outreach stations.

    • School Health Services
    • -Promotes and maintains the physical, mental and social health of the school children in all our outreach communities.
      -Supervises hygiene inspection, refers minor ailments to the nearest health centre.
      -Organizes and assists in school medical examination.
      -Health educates publics and teachers

    • Referral Services
    • -Manage clients at outreach centres and those with defects or complications are referred to appropriate comprehensive health centres and tertiary institution.

    • Ward and Home Visiting/Home based care
    • -Visits clients in their various wards and homes as follow up for continuity of health care in U.C.H and its outreach stations.

    • Data Collection
    • -Collects data from clinics and outreach centres for health planning and research projects.

    • Record Keeping
    • -Maintains clinic health records for efficient planning and evaluation of health programmes.

    • Student Community Health Programmes
    • -Teaches and supervises students on community health programmes. These students includes student nurses, student midwives and post graduate students on community posting
      -Supervises health aids and assistants.

    • Adolescent/Adult/Geriatric Care
    • -Identifies common health problems of adolescents
      -Offers counselling services to meet physical psychological and other needs of different age groups, counselling on problems associated with the ageing process and how to prevent and control them.


      The Public Health Nursing Department collaborates with the following community outreach stations-:

      1. Abedo Community in Akinyele Local Government area of Oyo State-Running of Abedo Village Health Clinic with the community.
      2. Rural Comprehensive Health Centres in Okuku and Sepeteri being run in collaboration with Osun and Oyo States Government, Local Government and the community.
      3. Aladura village Rural Health Clinic which is a community rural outreach clinic that situated in Ogun State. This is in collaboration with EMSEH (Department of Epidemiology, Medical Statistics and Environmental Health) Faculty of Public Health, University of Ibadan.
      4. Agbeke Mercy Medical Centre, situated within the premises of Oluyole Cheshire Home Ibadan donated by Chief (Mrs.) Sherifat Kola Daisi.The medical centre serves, the residents of Oluyole Cheshire home.Ibadan, the surrounding communities the School around the area plus three other homes located within the environment.


      The Department Collaborates with medical representatives of international producers of health products like-

    • Johnson and Johnson (makers of Johnson’s Baby Products
    • Glaxo – Smithkline(GSK) Pharmaceuticals Nigeria Ltd.
    • Pfizer specialties Limited
    • Nestle Nutrition, Nigeria PLC.
    • Johnson and Johnson (pty) : Baby of theMonth Award
      The company in collaboration with the Public Health Nursing Department initiated the above award in the hospital in terms of a cash gift of #25,000.00 (Twenty-five thousand Naira) in addition to the gift of baby products worth six-months’ usage to the first baby that is delivered in the University College Hospital Ibadan every month with effect from January, 2012 till date in addition to other donations to the hospital by the com