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Family Medicine


This department has been in existence since the establishment of the hospital in 1957.  It was then known as the General Practice Clinic and was manned by Hospital Medical Officers.  This was the major service area of the hospital and it had a dual function:

  • To regulate admissions within the hospital and attendance at any of the specialty clinics
  • To provide the condition upon which the patients may be so admitted or attended.

The clinic also attended to non-traumatic emergency cases and was open for twenty-four hours. The after 4.00pm service was subsequently transferred to the Casualty Department.  The name of the clinic was therefore changed to the General Outpatients Department.  It catered for all members of the public with or without referral letters and members of staff and their families .At present the General Outpatients Department still attends to about 60,000 patients annually.


  • Comprehensive review of all patients and initiation of a management plan.
  • Two way referral to the appropriate specialist clinic.
  • Emergency care to non-trauma emergencies.
  • “Managed care” in the form of the National Health Insurance scheme (NHIS).
  • A team is on call for trauma and emergency care through Accident and Emergency department after 4.00pm.
  • The Public Health Nursing providing Immunizations, Health Education, Nutritional. Advice and monitoring, Oral Rehydration and notification for home-based care of HIV/AIDS patients.
  • Involvement in the President Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) project in UCH in management of People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHA).
  • Healthy women’s clinic offering cervical cancer screening (Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid and Pap Smear) for sexually active women in GOPD, Breast Examination and lifestyle modification to prevent non-communicable diseases.
  • GOPD – OPHTHALMOLOGY OUTREACH PROGRAM: Family Physicians in GOPD, in association with Ophthalmologists in UCH run a community outreach program for patients with cataract, and a walk- in clinic for patients with other eye complaints.
  • Research and Training Activities



To be the flagship tertiary health care institution in the West Africa sub-region, offering world-class training, research and services.

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